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Von Hertzen Brothers go straight from the studio to the road. The new album Nine Lives will be out in March!

Progressive rock’s number one name in Finland, Von Hertzen Brothers will release a new album, Nine Lives, in March 2013. The brothers have been working on their fifth album this fall, after the successful album Stars Aligned, which was released last year. Both Stars Aligned and its predecessor Love Remains The Same (2008) sold gold and hit #1 on the album chart!

To introduce the upcoming album, the single “Flowers and Rust” will be released to radio early next year, followed by a commercial release on February 4th 2013. Mikko von Hertzen says “Flowers and Rust” is a story of the breakdown of the first love and the mark it leaves. “After all, it can often follow us throughout our lives,” he says and continues: “This early failure and in the worst case, the resulting social exclusion, is the reason why so many feel their lives have gone wrong early on. The sadness that comes from that resulted in this song.”

The guitarist-singer explains the new album to be an attempt for the band to look for that bolder AOR pop-grip instead of their unbridled progressive instinct. “But suddenly it all spun out of control and that instinct in us once again took control,” he says. “The KISS motto (Keep It Simple, Stupid) I learned in upper level is still not fully internalized in this world of ours, even though we try our best.” One conscious decision the band did was to cut long solos to keep the songs shorter and more catchy.

During the making of the album Stars Aligned the band started a very fruitful collaboration with their producer and mixer Jari Salo aka James Spectrum (Pepe Deluxe) and it continues on this album. Musical influences have been taken from Josh Homme, the late Finnish pop singer Kirka, Boston, and Black Sabbath. “We follow the atmosphere of each song separately and there’s quite a mixed buffét of styles. For example, there is an a cappella song dedicated to our late grandmother which was sang in the monastery church of Valamo. We were searching for vibes, for example, from the production of Stephan Micus.” All in all, VHB has stayed devoted to our characteristics. “Sometimes you have to take the long road to get to where you are going. The whole album will probably be stitched together in a fist fight sometime around mastering..”

Nine Lives contains nine tracks and the album art, created by artist Samuli Heimonen, reflects what’s inside. Currently riding a wave of success, Heimonen was The Young Artist of the year 2008 in Finland.

At the end of November, Von Hertzen Brothers will embark on a 10 gig tour with Opeth in Denmark and Sweden.