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The last show of the year is at Tavastia-klubi, Helsinki on Friday, 19th August.

Von Hertzen Brothers are taking an undefinite break from touring with their focus on writing their forthcoming and hopefully best seventh studio album.

”We’ve learned that for the best outcome, we need to concentrate on one thing and one thing only, whether it be touring or studio work. The creative process and especially recording new material is always a ritual of casting off what has gone before and focusing on the new. This has to be done to challenge our innovative selves. The process involves our collective mind to get really focused on the job at hand and any kind of distraction from this course will simply slow this process down. So it makes sense to take a break from our live activities as we need time, peace and space to be creative and to write what will hopefully be our best work to date”. The bands vocalist-guitarist Mikko Von Hertzen says.

The guitarist Kie Von Hertzen continues: “Furthermore, we are in many ways in a crossroads with the band. Most of our business deals have been completed and it’s been ten years since we collectively placed the band as the main focus in our lives. Thus it’s the right and wise time for self-reflection. We all feel that we need to reset our compass and re-evaluate the course for the upcoming and exciting next chapter” .

On the forthcoming summer gigs, the brothers will be joined on stage exceptionally by Santeri Saksala (drums) ja Janne ’Burton’ Puurtinen (keyboards).

”Santeri ja Burton are good friends of ours and we’ve known them for years: Santeri, who was my classmate in high school, has filled in for Kaakkuri before and with Burton, back in the day, we had a band called Cosmos Tango. Naturally, the shows are going to be full of surprises even for our selves but I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun”. The bassist Jonne Von Hertzen concludes.

The last show of the year will be held at the brothers “home venue” Tavastia-Klubi on their namesday, Magnus dagen 19th August 2016.

Tickets for the Tavastia show will be available at Tiketti on Friday , May13th.


10.06. Saaristo Open Air, Kaarina
11.06. M/S Viking Grace, Turku
17.06. Ilmajoen Musiikkijuhlat, Ilmajoki
09.07. Kainuun Musiikkijuhlat, Kajaani
22.07. John Smith Rock Festival, Laukaa
23.07. Steelhouse Festival, Ebbw Vale, Gwent, UK
24.07. Ramblin´ Man Fair, Maidstone, UK
19.08. Tavastia-klubi, Helsinki