Von Hertzen Brothers have never been an easy band to categorise by genre.  

Their music is often and better illustrated in terms one might use to describe a novella, painting or a movie:  Dynamic. Thought provoking. Magical. Nuanced. Expansive. Epic. Uplifting.  

It’s understandable how a strong artistic temperament was instilled into these three siblings.  

Kie, Mikko and Jonne’s father, Hasse and uncle, Lasse von Hertzen both played in well-known Scandinavian bands in the 60’s and 70s. One of Kie’s godfathers was an early Finnish environmentalist pioneer, the other one a well-known artist and a sculptor. The boys spent their holidays at their family’s seaside cabin on Finnish coastland where they still spend time writing songs and exploring the nature. An inevitable mutual vision steeped in Finnish folklore, musical traditions, wildlife, and humanitarian causes is often evident in their songwriting.

Initially, in the 1990’s, the brothers forged independent musical journeys, playing in separate successful bands. In 2000, a side project born from the idea of creating something together developed into their first album ‘Experience’.  By the time their 2nd album ‘Approach’ (2006) topped the Finnish chart with its blend of progressive guitar driven rock combined with rich layered vocal harmonies, it was obvious that this band was something unique and special.

Since then, Von Hertzen Brothers have consistently achieved top 5 albums including 3 number 1’s in their homeland with ‘Love Remains The Same’ (2008), ‘Stars Aligned’ (2011), ‘Nine Lives’ (2013), ‘New Day Rising’ (2015), ‘War Is Over’ (2017) and ‘Red Alert in the Blue Forest’ (2022).  

‘Stars Aligned’ was the band’s first album to be internationally distributed in 2011 and since then, the band’s vast sound has led to their popularity spreading across Europe and beyond.  

The band’s most recent studio album ‘Red Alert in the Blue Forest’ a double LP, reflects the brothers’ unique upbringing, love of nature and the global challenges faced by humanity. The album was hailed ‘A masterpiece’ by Prog Magazine with many critics hailing it their best album yet. ‘Red Alert in the Blue Forest’ went on to spearhead a campaign to protect ancient forests in Finland.  This culminated in a 50-hectare area being acquired by the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation and named The Blue Forest.  Red Alert in the Blue Forest was also the first album to use sound recordings of the Northern Lights by Professor Unto K. Laine as instrumentation.

Von Hertzen Brothers’ ability to mould complex arrangements into vivid musical landscapes led to an Emma Award (The Finnish equivalent of a Grammy) and a Progressive Music ‘Anthem of the Year’ Award in the UK as well as nominations and plaudits along the way.  In 2022, the epic music video for ‘All of a Sudden, You’re Gone’ which was directed by Kie Von Hertzen won the Audience Award and Best Cinematography at the Finnish Music Video Contest.  This success has made them one of the most important rock acts to have emerged from Finland in recent times.  

A stunning live force, the band have performed in 22 countries.  In February 2023, the band recorded a live show at their home city venue, Tavastia in Helsinki.  13 songs from this gig were released as a double live album ‘Live at Tavastia’  in February 2024.  The album is available on 2LP, 2CD, Blu-Ray, digital streaming and download and as an on demand video.

The three brothers are joined by one of Finland’s finest drummers, Sami Kuoppamäki, known for acclaimed Finnish cult band Kingston Wall, and for performing in metal giants Apocalyptica and Stratovarius.  Prolific multi-instrumentalist Markus Pajakkala who performed in the band on their ‘Acoustic Enough’ tour in 2023 completes the Von Hertzen Brothers line-up.

Von Hertzen Brothers are currently working on their 9th studio album.


Mikko Von Hertzen – Vocals, guitar
Kie Von Hertzen – Guitar, vocals
Jonne Von Hertzen – Bass, keys, vocals
Sami Kuoppamäki – Drums
Markus Pajakkala – Keys, Sax, Flute

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“A masterpiece.  An early contender for Album Of The Year” – Prog Magazine

“These are huge songs which contain multitudes” 10/10 – Powerplay Magazine

“Absolutely breath-taking from beginning to end” – Uber Rock

“An album of stunning range” 9/10 – Stone Prog DE

“The best album of the year so far” – 9/10 Powermetal DE

“A contender for best album of the year” 9/10 – Sweden Rock Magazine

“This new work shines for maturity and surprises at every new listening without setting any apparent limits, but above all it manages to excite. Touching” 8.5/10 – Rock Hard Italy

“Their latest masterpiece, has once again become a total work of art” 8.5/10 – Saitenkult DE

“A record that has taken a captivatingly scenic route to making its point” 8/10 – Classic Rock Magazine UK

“Ethereal harmonies, delicate acoustic guitar, mournful folk violins, brass swells and a bewitching melody. Gorgeous.” – Louder

“It may well be the most beautiful song of the year” – Rumba Magazine FI

“Psychedelic, folk, rock and pop all free flowing in a swirling mass of stunning soundscapes. Some of the finest musicianship of 2022” – The Moshville Times

“A remarkable record… thought provoking and intense’ – Album of The Week Rush On Rock

“They push all the molecules god gave them into an avalanche of awe inspiring sound.” Get Ready To Rock

“A courageous, high-class and above all lyrically important album. The Finns deliver their best work so far and offer an extremely exciting mixture of Nordic folk elements and bombastic rock sounds. Great cinema for the ears!” Albums of the Month – Eclipsed Magazine Germany

“Their most ambitious work to date – packed full of mesmerising melodies, stunning solos and valiant vocals deserves your full undivided attention, you won’t regret it”  Full Pelt Music

“An exceptional experience” HRH Magazine

“These Finns burn bright on this album” Musipedia of Metal

“Repeated listening reveals an unexpected emotional force.” At The Barrier

“One of the most precious realities in the Nordic scene” 80/100 Classic Rock Italy

“Incredibly enchanting…the music of Von Hertzen Brothers will be preserved for a long time” Sonic Seducer Germany

“More independent and liberated than ever, Von Hertzen Brothers expands the boundaries of their musical journey, keeping their quality levels high” Rocking Greece

No.2 Official Album Charts Finland

No.2 Album of the week – Get Ready To Rock! Radio

No.2 Album of The Month – Eclipsed Magazine Germany

No.15 – Official UK Charts Independent Album Breakers