All of a Sudden You're Gone Single cover

Hi All!

Mikko again here with news from camp VHB 🙂
I just came back from Turku where I was one of the guys giving feedback to young bands, which were taking part in Turku Bandstand. Nice to see and hear the next generation rocking it out.
With the omi going rampant in the city of Helsinki, we’ve been somewhat confined to our homes and worked mainly from there. I don’t know about you guys, but the walls are really starting to close in and any chance of getting into nature is very much appreciated!  But, like everyone else, we’ve been in situations where we’ve been exposed to someone with the bug and thus moving around has felt a little risky. The good news is that none of us have been sick yet.
We’ve been cooking up some fun things for a bit closer to the album release, but also last Friday we finally had the video for “All of a Sudden, You’re Gone” taken to our distributor (Warner).  Boy, are we happy with the end result! It looks really cool! Thanks to every single one of you who came to the site for the “Sunday video shoot” the other week.

Here are Kie’s thoughts about the video:
”We shot the video in Virkkala, a one-hour-ride west from Helsinki, in this old chalk factory, which was shut down in the mid 90´s.

I totally fell in love with the place; its deteriorated character with countless intriguing spaces, wind howling through its rusty corrugated iron roof sheets, its enormous proportions and this weird sadness lingering over its abandoned soul. It instantly communicated with the melancholy of the song and also gave a nice robust contrast to the song’s soft sensitiveness. 

In the video, us brothers are the conveners of an imaginary funeral-like group therapy session where we exercise this ritualistic contemplation of death together with a crowd of people. Mourning and meditating on a thought that how would you feel if someone you love; your child, your spouse, your mother, your father, your friend would suddenly disappear, would be absolutely gone. Through this act the video asks the eternal question; would it be possible to deeply experience the ever-present possibility of loss, abandonment, death as a force that helps us live more deeply in the present, cherish the things and loved ones alongside us right here right now.

We ended up staying in an old janitor’s house in the factory area with Mikko and DoP, Tommi for 5 days working from early dawn to late at night.  All the others showed up when needed.  We also succeeded in following the old VHB tradition of making the shooting circumstances as cold, poor and most extreme as possible (Let Thy Will Be Done, New Day Rising).  Mid December, 5-6 hours of daylight, on most days the temperature dropped to minus 15 degrees (celcius) below zero, no electricity at the location!  Well, at least we got nice looking breath vapours!” 

– K

The song with the video will be released on January 28th, so VERY SOON!!! Isn’t that exciting! We hope you like it and want to share it with your friends and in your socials. That would be very much appreciated as it is the FIRST NEW VHB TUNE out there in ages!