The launch of our Blue Forest campaign with the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation was received really well and now we are happy to announce the next steps. The artists have worked really hard on the 12 pieces, and we are almost ready to have them on display.

We will be opening the auction of the artworks at an exclusive event  at Tavastia in Helsinki on Sunday 13th March at 15:00.
At the same event, those who attend will get to hear the whole of  Red Alert in the Blue Forest’ before it is released on 18th March.
A pre-listening party combined with an art exhibition!
Pretty damn cool, I’d say.

Tickets to the event are only 5€ and will be available from 10:00am tomorrow (1st March) – all proceeds will be donated to the Blue Forest campaign. The auction (opening on the 13th March) will run online until 31st March. Everyone will be able to bid,  not only people here in Finland.