Von Hertzen Brothers will play a real special gig for their fans in Tavastia on August 19th 2014. The evening has been named The Magnificent Day Celebration in the honor of the Bros’ middle name, Magnus. During the evening you’ll get to experience an unforgettable gig, a show & dinner hosted by the Bros and an auction of special VHB merchandise.

The Magnificent Day Celebration starts at 5 p.m. at the Beatbar of Tavastia, where a delicious dinner will be served by Ilves Restaurant. The show & dinner is hosted by the Bros themselves, and the band’s rhythm section “Mass & Psychosis” will take care of the background music. The band will also host an auction, which offers VHB merchandise that cannot be bought anywhere else. In addition, one lucky fan will win a totally unique VHB product that no one else will ever have. The merchandise that is up for auction will be displayed on the Von Hertzen Brothers Facebook page a week before the auction. Proceeds from the auction will be used for production of the new VHB album. This is going to be a very special night during which the band will reveal the reason behind playing this show and unveil what they have been up to for the last few months.

The ticket for the show & dinner also includes the new album, signed by the Bros and delivered to your home in March 2015.

The gig starts at 9 p.m. and it will be a whole new experience for the audience as well as the band. During the gig, Von Hertzen Brothers will play all the songs from the upcoming album publicly for the first time ever and tell stories about the songs and how they were born.

There are two types of tickets sold for the evening:

Tickets for the gig plus show & dinner (5 p.m. to midnight) including:

  • Dinner at Tavastia, served by Ilves Restaurant
  • A chance to participate in the auction of special VHB merchandise
  • Premiere of the songs from the upcoming VHB album
  • An autographed copy of the upcoming VHB album, delivered before the release date in 2015
  • A “press conference” for fans, during which the band will talk about their new plans
  • A raffle for a totally unique VHB product

Ticket for the gig (9 p.m. to midnight) includes:

  • Premiere of the songs from the upcoming VHB album
  • A chance to participate in the auction of special VHB merchandise

N.B! There is only a limited amount of show & dinner tickets sold!

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