We understand that there are many new people finding out about our band every day. I know, it’s unconceivable, but there are actually humans out there who have never heard of us before 🙂. I can’t recall how often I’ve heard: “I can’t believe I haven’t heard of you guys before”. That’s way worse than hearing “I really don’t want to hear anymore of you brothers, ever again, alright?!”

Thus, we have come up with a new, visually easy way of telling the story of our band. Today we are launching something called the “Lost in Timeline”.


 It portrays the story of us brothers in an easy-to-read, linear way. To start with, you’ll find the “main events” of our career on the Timeline. Each album image links to its own page with a Spotify player for an easy listen and videos from that album.

The idea is to keep adding stories of our career during this spring. I’m pretty sure we can even find some unreleased tracks from our archives and somehow get them added on their respective places on the Timeline. Our vision is that this Timeline would flourish into a nice bouquet of music, stories, and anecdotes from our career. We are really going to try to come up with interesting content for you to read, listen, watch and hopefully, enjoy.

If you’re interested, you will also have the opportunity to win prizes over the next couple of months. We have loads of cool items that we’ve gathered along the way into our VHB treasure chest, but to win those items to yourself, well… that will require some effort from your part (obviously).


Here’s the link to the Lost in Timeline. You can help us by sharing it on your socials 🙂