Hey guys!

Mikko here.

November 3, 2017 – yup, that was the last time we released new music. So, it’s been a while. “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” they say. I’d like to claim that it was “all planned” but in truth it was not. Finishing the album took us much longer than we hoped it would. Thus, this release has been eagerly anticipated not only by you all, but by us too. I mean, admittedly, there were a few nice surprises along the way during the last few years out of which the tribute tour playing Kingston Wall songs in Finland in 2019 was the highlight. But there were disappointments and unforeseen delays as well. Not going to go into details but trying to get stuff done within the toxic cloud of the pandemic has been rough. Taxing in its unpredictability and mentally straining. But we got there in the end and that’s all that matters!

So, today’s the day.


Unlike the previous album, Red Alert in the Blue Forest features many guests. On this particular song we had Max Lilja play the cello, Klaara Pyrhönen play the violin, Janne Toivonen play the trumpet, Tero Toivonen play the French horn and Juho Viljanen play the trombone. Sami obvioulsy played the drums and Bobby played the piano and keyboards. The rest of the stuff was done by us brothers.

James Spectrum produced the song together with Samuli Kosminen and the band. He also mixed the song.

Okay, so get ready for a MIND-BLOWING experience 😉

And tune in to watch the video below:

– Your favourite brothers