Join the VHB Peace Patrol

Do you want to help  us create a dynamic, passionate, and global community dedicated to spread the word of VHB far and wide?
All of our heroes in music have their “armies”, “deadheads” or “street teams” and we want to have our own PEACE PATROLLERS.

What will the VHB Peace Patrol do?

  • Spread the Word:  Help us share our music, stories, and passion with fans worldwide.
  • Create Unforgettable Moments:  Organise and take part in exclusive events, projects, and initiatives.
  • Connect with Like-Minded Fans:  Build meaningful connections with fellow VHB enthusiasts.
  • Support Independent Music: Be a driving force behind our journey as independent artists.

Why do we need your help?

We rely on your unwavering support to continue doing what we love: creating music that resonates with your souls. Your involvement with the VHB Peace Patrol will help us reach new heights, connect with more fans, and make each release even more special.

When you join the VHB Peace Patrol, you’re not just supporting our band; you are becoming an integral part of the VHB family. We will try our best to come up with exclusive content, thrilling experiences, and give you a chance to leave your mark on this musical journey of ours.

Looking ahead, 2024 will be a year with very cool stuff happening in our camp and we want you guys to be with us. We always look for help when we are shooting videos for our music etc. so by being a patroller, you’ll get loads of opportunities to participate!

The VHB Peace Patrol will be run by the band and Julia, our manager.  We’ll be asking your help whenever we see an opportunity that would benefit the band and our mission. If this is something you would love to do with us, please enroll!

How can you join the VHB Peace Patrol?

VHB Peace Patrol is FREE to join and it’s as simple as sending us your details on this form: